• How to handle the UL588 test report of Amazon UL certification for string lights_test_产品_Seller

    Determined by the multi-dimensional scores of content quality, interactive comments, sharing and dissemination, the medal-level performance () represents its comprehensive performance on the platform. Electronic products, as a more popular product category on the Amazon platform, have attracted t...
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  • Switch development history

    Switch development history

    Around 1880, Edison invented the lamp holder and switch, creating the history of the production of switches and sockets. Subsequently, the German electrical engineer Augusta Lausi (ROS. August) further proposed the concept of electrical switches, the early switch sockets Manufacturers are mainly ...
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  • Industry news

    Industry news

    Switch socket brand do not want to choose wrong, look at these two key points! Switch socket as industrial machinery, medical equipment, household appliances, kitchen appliances and other modern equipment necessities, seemingly sparrow is small, but in fact is the use of the process of the detail...
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